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Inflamed fat cells and the skin.

This episode introduces the concept of fat cell dysfunction. This is not a topic many people know much about. Dr. Michael Greger wrote a 600-page book about dieting and spent half a page about the role of fat cells. A crazy omission. After watching this episode you will no longer think about fat cells being dumb and unimportant. You will also learn how two common sources of inflammation – sunlight and an overly fat body composition – affects your skin.


0 to 1:06 The importance of well-functioning fat cells is almost completely overlooked by doctors.

1:07 to 2:10 Fat cells are like the banking network in your body. They determine how energy is allocated.

2:11 to 3:53 How fat cell dysfunction causes weak skin and heart disease.

3:54 to 6:20 How inflammation causes fat cell dysfunction

6:21 to 6:53 Three causes of skin inflammation: sun, over-exercise, and excessively fat body composition.

6:57 to 8:53 How sun causes inflammation in the skin and how it shows up as volume loss

8:54 to 11:19 What to do about sun exposure

11:20 to 14:00 How exercise creates pockets of inflammation which add up to cause volume loss

14:01 to 15:49 What do about exercise-induced inflammation

16:00 to 17:48 How much body fat is too much.

17:49 to 20:00 Long term improvement in body composition vs rapid weight loss.

20:01 to 21:50 Moderate exercise, even very moderate exercise is really good for you.

21:51 to 23:51 Conclusion: Targeted sun protection and healthy body composition are the cornerstones of skincare. Stay away from any fat-melting procedures. Please.

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