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Microcurrent: The Dose is Critical.

This episode is the most in-depth video on microcurrent on YouTube. I enlisted Lililya Khasin, a scientist, pharmacist, and skincare enthusiast to break it down.

Here was the problem. No microcurrent company has published any clinical research on their devices.

We had to scour the peer-reviewed literature for data from a multitude of disciplines.

And it took weeks to bring it all together.

Here is what we cover:

1:19 Chapter 1. Introducing our guest expert, Liliya Khasin
1:55 Chapter 2. Microcurrent fundamentals. You can’t skip this.
4:01 Chapter 3. Can microcurrent recharge cell batteries?
6:54 Chapter 4. Does microcurrent boost blood flow?
8:05 Chapter 5. Microcurrent and acne. The good and the bad.
10:21 Chapter 6. The lift. Are raised eyebrows a good thing?
11:57 Chapter 7. Microcurrent for rebuilding facial muscles.
13:27 Chapter 8. The truth about microcurrent and fat melting.
19:35 Chapter 9: The recommended dose.
21:54 Chapter 10: Should you take a break?
23:12 Chapter 11: A call for volunteers to take part in a real-world clinical study.

And here are the references. Sorry for the delay.

-Enhance ATP production:

Improved blood flow:…


Muscle :
improved function in the eldely:…
Satellite activation:……

Effect on fat cells:…
Andrea Noites paper:…

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