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Retin-A: What your dermatologist hasn’t told you.

This is a short stark episode on the benefit — (s) intentionally omitted — and risks of using prescription Retin-A to treat or prevent photoaging.
Ivan presents data from incredibly reputable sources — the FDA and the academic dermatologists that did the clinical studies to get Retin-A approved.

You will not believe the scorecard.
You will feel that Ivan left something out on the “pro” side.
You will likely not recognize any of the “cons.”

That’s because cosmetic dermatology has ignored this data for more than 25 years.

Unbelievable. Not a single one of the dozens of prominent youtube dermatologists has ever mentioned this data! Not Dr. Dray. Not Shereeen Idriss. Not the Doctorly guys. Not Sam Ellis.

For a full discussion and to see Ivan take apart the infamous “Cho et al” paper, please go to How Retin-A gaslighting dumbs down skincare and encourages bullying. | by Ivan Galanin | Medium.

/ how-retin-a-gaslighting-dumbs-down-skincar…

This blog post addresses the ignorance of internet dermatologist, Dr. Dray.
We don’t mean to make fun of Dr. Dray. She is representative of the industry’s willful ignorance and self-satisfaction.

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