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Facial fitness
is something
you achieve.

We can help. We have a unique understanding of the role that dermal fat cells play in facial fat fitness. Our concept is published in Europe’s leading plastic surgery journal.

Volume deficits happen when dermal
fat cells don't regenerate properly.

Eye hollowing

Mouth erosion

Cheek erosion

Factors that slow down regeneration:

Skin becomes weak when
dermal fat cells grow too large.

Bulging cheek bottom

Hanging nasolabials

Droopy jawline

Factors that cause cell bloating:

Volume loss

High BMI

Poor lymphatics


Our holistic regimen
addresses the root causes.

Protein-rich diet stimulates regeneration.

Regular moderate exercise makes for small, dynamic fat cells.

Removing excess lymph fluid protects fat cells from bloating.

Stimulating circulation keeps growth factors flowing.

Adipeau nurtures and tones the dermal fat cells.

You’ve got the big picture. Now, you can:

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