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I used it every day at night and my skin began to feel plumper and hydrated

Soo Joo Park

I was always told I had to pick my face or my ass - I never understood what that meant until I got older and lost weight in my face - so this is literally facial Ben and Jerrys - eat up.

Jenna Lyons

When I first came across Adipeau, I thought this is too good to be true. But after 6 weeks of using it, it 100% lived up to its promise! It’s a truly pioneering cream mask that I’m swearing by now.

Viktorija Svedkova-Jasevice

I love Adipeau, it's now a critical part of my evening routine! It immediately restored the moisture from my skin, while giving my skin a glow and minimizing my fine lines over time. I noticed it from the very first morning I used it. Very mild, and has a subtle lemon scent to it. Works beautifully on my dry, sensitive skin.

Nelli Kim

My aesthetician told me to try Adipeau’s cream mask, but I forgot about it. Then after I fell ill and lost too much weight I had very wrinkled crepey skin around my eyes and neck. After just 4 weeks of using the cream mask every day I saw my skin bounce back!

Chantal Hughes

I’ve been using Adipeau’s cream mask for about 12 weeks. I noticed my wrinkles on forehead and eyes have significantly improved. With continued use, I also noticed my skin feels nice and tight, more plump. I’m hooked!

Helen Costello

This cream is a game changer. I usually have a very minimal skincare routine, but this will now be added into my daily skincare regime. I have noticed smoother, less red and plump looking skin. I can't say enough about this product.

Rachel baker

My experience with using adipeau has been fantastic! After losing about 15-20 lbs, the skin on my face, mainly around my jaw and neck, was "drooping" and the overall texture and appearance of my undereyes felt thinner and darker as well. I've been using adipeau for about 5 weeks, and can see the difference! The skin under my chin/jaw definitely looks and feels more taught and my undereyes have plumped up a bit.

Amy Rosenberg
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