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Growth factors for the skin? AEDUCATOR saves you money.

In this episode, you will get an inside look into the “sausage factory” that is the esthetic medical establishment.

In this world, doctors and editors are not acting as scientists, but instead as financially driven marketeers.

If you’ve ever used a product that had “clinical evidence” behind it, only to find that it didn’t work, this episode will show you have the esthetic medical establishment pulls off this trick on a routine basis.

It’s hard to exaggerate the conflicts of interest that exist in this industry.
It’s rotten to the core.

We don’t mean to pick on Dr. Mitchell Goldman, even though someone with a 177-page CV almost should be picked on.

But he represents all that is wrong in the industry.

His scientific conscience is so weak that he can publicly change statistics methods to suit his goals or, maybe even worse, propose hypotheses that he knows have not a snowball’s chance in hell of being true.

That sounds harsh.

But not as harsh as willingly deceiving both the scientific public and consumers about the utility of growth factors in people with intact skin.
And why did these companies cynically focus on people with intact skin, where there was more of a chance that their products would work for people with compromised skin?

I would guess that it was felt to be too small a market.


At 2:03 The Aeducator recommendation.
At 3:41 A review of the 8 clinical “studies.”
At 9:12 Inside the sausage factory of clinical trial data manufacturing.

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