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Don't rub in.

This is the first rule of Adipeau. Finger paint on instead. Active Face Cream can only get to the skin’s root structure by sliding down the mostly invisible hair follicles of the facial skin. Rubbing the cream in causes the natural actives to get stuck in the outer layer. Finger painting the cream on gives it time and access to the hair follicles. For more details, please see application guide below.

Set ambitious goals.

Do not underestimate your skin’s capacity to recover. This trouble spot map can help you identify areas for radical improvement.


This area should be full, without dips or grooves.

The cheek should extend broadly outwards, without recessing.

The lower cheek should be tight and not exaggerate the nasolabial fold.

The mouth should be a single plane without vertical lines or ridges.

The jawline should be well defined and visually separated from the cheek.

Fueling your skin.

Delivering nutrition to the skin’s root structure requires a different application method that what you may be used to. Spread the cream out lightly so that the nutrients can slide down the skin’s micro-follicles. Do not rub in.

Use 1 or 2x daily on your trouble spots.

As you spread the cream with your finger, it forms an even white layer.

If you only have 5-10 minutes for the nutrients to absorb, use as the first step. If you can leave on longer (or overnight), use as the last step.

The cream will turn translucent as it is absorbed by the skin. You can wipe off any excess or allow it to flake off naturally.

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