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Obesity and acne: What the science really says. Aeducator 1.9K subscribers

Obesity and acne. Both of these are complex and emotionally laden topics. The intersection of the two is predictably complicated. Maybe this is why you’ve not seen anything about obesity and acne on YouTube. In fact, the intersection of obesity and common skin conditions is an area where YouTube is completely barren. This episode is so exciting because we take on this topic thoughtfully and without any preconceived bias. We go through the seemingly discordant science and we find areas of common ground. In this episode, you learn that many “studies” don’t actually set out with a hypothesis or primary endpoint. They start with the data and they find things that are interesting. As we shall see, these types of studies can uncover interesting information but sometimes they are lacking in context. In this episode, we go through a set of eight studies on obesity and acne. We start out with three alternative mechanisms of action by which obesity influences acne. There are definitely more mechanisms that we are not aware of. And we see how these mechanisms can act like counterforces – for and against – in specific populations under specific circumstances. We aspire to the Huberman Lab of skincare science. I hope you enjoy this type of complex and thoughtful approach to science.

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