Fat Balance Activator (FBA)

FBA can improve the appearance of fat fitness in the face by delivering balanced nutrition to the dermal fat cells, the skin's root foundation. 

FBA is uniquely formulated to tone, regenerate and tamp down redness, the three key elements of fat fitness. These functions are mutually reinforcing; as bloated cells get smaller, they also become better at stimulating regeneration.  As redness is reduced, regeneration is more productive. 

Yes, both skin and fat tissue are incredibly dynamic with powerful regenerative potential.  Both tissues naturally seek homeostasis but sometimes get stuck in a vicious cycle of damage.  Sometimes all it takes is a nudge to get things moving in the right direction. The gains become self-perpetuating.   

Results are a function of reps. One FBA “rep” consists of leaving the cream mask on for 5-10 minutes and letting the skin absorb the nutrients.

You should start to see results after 30 to 60 reps. Younger skin show results faster because the regenerative machinery is more responsive.

People have used FBA for nearly 2 years without reaching a peak of fat fitness.  Your situation will differ but there is reason to expect many months of improvement.  

Target specific areas where the skin appears hollow or saggy or apply to whole face.  Use clean finger tips to apply a generous amount of Fat Balance Activator to your face, creating a white mask.  Do not rub in!  Allow the nutrients to absorb into the skin for 5 minutes or longer, or leave on overnight. The cream will turn translucent and what is not absorbed may be wiped off or allowed to flake off.  Results come with regular use. 

Apply enough to a given area so that it forms a white mask. The mask will turn translucent in 5 to 10 minutes.

Apply the mask gently to your face with clean hands. Do not rub in the mask.

Don’t worry. FBA’s activity is sustained on a cellular level. So you can just pick up where you left off.

No product is suitable for everyone. Our skin is as unique as the rest of us. So please patch test FBA before using broadly.

The FBA ingredients

Safflower oil, rich in linoleic acid (LA) and Kaempferia Parviflora Rhizome Extract (KPE), commonly referred to as Thai Black Ginger.

LA and KPE are both natural fat cell regeneration boosters. KPE is also particularly effective at toning fat cells. As a polyunsaturated fatty acid, LA is also better for toning fat cells than fatty acids with saturated bonds.

LA is really good at sliding down the tiny hair follicles on the skin and getting to the fat cells that line the bottom of hair follicles. The formulation also uses penetration enhancers to get deeper into the skin.

Yes, the natural molecules that make KPE particularly good for augmenting fat fitness are absent from other types of ginger.

Individual acne is so unique, it's hard to say how any particular skin will react.  LA has been found to be an anti-comedogenic fatty acid in human studies and KPE has shown anti-acne activity in research studies.

The formulation rates 1.15 on the EWG skin deep website. This rating actually understates how clean the ingredients are because the database does not consider the amount of ingredient used.

FBA uses a small percentage of synthetic ingredients to enhance penetration and to help preserve the product. The amounts used are well below recommended levels.