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​​“Stay away from silicones?”

Silicones have been demonized so effectively that I hear from smart aestheticians that they avoid silicones in skincare. When I ask them why, they are not completely sure and may mention something like “occlusive” or “comedogenic” or “environmental hazard.” I actually think that the terrible impact of silicone breast implant on women’s health is partially to blame. The impact of implants is real but saline and silicone implants both have had similar negative impacts so it doesn’t seem as if the silicone itself was causing the toxicity. But that doesn’t matter when drive through dermatologists get involved. They just say things without really investigating closely. And then one thing leads to another, and an ingredient is shadow banned. It’s easy to promote things like “silicone-free” because it makes one look discriminating and up-to-date. “Oh, we don’t use that anymore.” To challenge that thinking is to seem naive and behind the times.

00:00 – Intro to the video.
00:44 – Don’t lump them all together
02:47 – Drive through dermatology
03:51 – Six objections to silicones
04:51 – Not useful?
07:55 – Can’t wash off?
09:06 – Bad for acne?
11:02 – Hard to layer?
12:21 – Bad for the environment?
15:35 – Conclusion.

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